Soft Skills Workshops

We know that a large portion of employers regard soft skills as important or in some cases more important than hard skills. We also know that the younger in age a person develops soft skills, the increased likelihood of them being successful and achieving their goals.
Our strategy is to use unique and interactive workshops targeting specific learning areas to excite, educate, and develop our youth.

ICWC Goal setting – Why it’s important, steps in creating goals, long term vs short term, types of goals, how to deal with challenges and overcoming them, types and structures for recording and tracking goals. (Goal setting assignments)

Self Confidence & Self-Identity – Why it’s important, What makes up your identity both internal and external components, how to discover/ recognise your talents, passion, areas of improvement, types and support structures for aiding in self-development. (Reading assignments/ reading library)

Life Skills – ex: Financial Literacy, Communication, Work Ethic - Why it’s important, developing research skills, handling stress and life obstacle’s, steps to handling hard decisions / managing life situations i.e money/ school/ work/ friends /family / other commitments (use case studies: Review real-world situations)

Networking and Career Discovery – Why it’s important, developing social skills (social ques, tact, people skills), Learning various forms of education and their benefits (discovering best methods for the individual), Understanding sectors of work and changing trends