"Hi, my name is Nicole, I'm 15 years old and I live in Brampton. I am writing this email to thank Peter for his influence on me to pursue my dream of becoming an author. I was fortunate enough to attend the "I CAN, WE CAN!" celebrity Snoop Hoop basketball Game and listen to Peter speak about young people planning and achieving greatness. His words really stuck with me and now, thanks to Peter, I just got my first book published called Love and Basketball."


"Thank you guys so much for the kind words, the world needs more people like you. You have both helped me to really build my confidence in terms of dreaming big and believing that I can achieve whatever I set out to do. Never would I have expected you guys to go out of your way to me such an amazing experience at the Raptors Game. Im excited to see what I CAN, WE CAN! has in store for the city, and I truly want to wish yu guys the best of luck with next phase."


"Thank you so much for keeping me up with goals! because of you, I am so inspired to keep studying and working hard. I will be taking psychology next semester, thanks to you! Because you believed in me, I now have faith in myself. I can do anything!"