About I Can, We Can!

Mission Statement

I Can, We Can! is a new social movement that promotes the importance of: Goal Setting and Life Skills development to promote success.

The Reality

Being a teenager has never been easy, but today’s youth face even more pressure when it comes to feeling motivated and overcoming self-perceived obstacles. While we believe there are many institutions that provide excellent forms of traditional education we are overwhelmingly shocked by the number of young people that lack the basic soft skills to become successful in life such as:

Focus areas

  1. Self-Esteem Building
  2. Understanding the needs of the job market
  3. Building Professional Networks
  4. Career Pathing
  5. Engaging in your community
  6. Mental Wellness
  7. Financial Literacy

Our Goal

  1. To educate youth on the importance of Goal Setting and to develop Soft Skills.
  2. To put on large scale community events with celebrity personnel and profile Canadian talent.
  3. To connect people, groups, and organizations in order to build strong partnerships and enhance civic engagement.