It is time to change the way our youth think and feel!

Being a teenager has never been easy, but today’s youth face even more pressure when it comes to feeling motivated and overcoming self-perceived obstacles.

“I CAN, WE CAN!” is a new social movement that promotes the importance of: GOAL Setting, Civic Engagement, & the importance of Soft Skills to promote success.

While we believe there are many institutions that provide excellent forms of traditional education we are overwhelmingly shocked by the amount of young people that lack the basic soft skills to become successful in life such as:

  • Peer – to – peer relationship management (people skills),
  • Projection of self-confidence (personal motivation),
  • Practical experiential learning (volunteering/ civic engagement),
  • Career development goal setting (knowledge of the job market).

Email us at: info@icanwecan.ca to get started with our 5 step Goal Setting system 

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Here are three easy steps to follow that Peter and Chris believe will help you accomplish anything:

  1. SELF CONFIDENCE: Looking in the mirror every day and telling myself I WILL achieve this.
  2. GOAL SETTING: Creating a goal book with pictures, quotes, inspirations and action oriented strategies on how YOU WILL achieve all of this.
  3. FOLLOW THROUGH: Do not stop until your goal is achieved. NOTHING can or WILL STOP YOU.